MINOA Doctoral School 2021 – Online

22 – 29 June 2021,

Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt & Universität Heidelberg

For registration and further information: https://conference2.aau.at/event/79/

jointly organized by MINOA, TRR154, and IWR heidelberg

Workshop on Applications of Semi–Infinite Optimization 2021

The turnpike property for optimal control problems with dynamic probabilistic constraints, 22.05.2021, Martin Gugat

Workshop on Applications of Semi–Infinite Optimization 2021

Adaptive Bundle Methods for Nonlinear Robust Optimization, 20.05. – 22.05.2021, Michael Stingl

Dealing with Probust Constraints in Stochastic Optimization, 21.05.2021, René Henrion

An algorithmic approach for solving optimization problems with probabilistic/robust (probust) constraints, 21.05.2021, Holger Heitsch

Oberwolfach Mini-Workshop: Mathematics of Dissipation – Dynamics, Data and Control

The influence of the Hamiltonian in structure-preserving model reduction, 14.05.2021, Tobias Breiten

Colloquium Department of Mathematics, Virginia Tech

Structure-preserving port-Hamiltonian model and controller reduction, 12.03.2021, Tobias Breiten

TOR-Workshop 2021

Hydrogen Networks: Robust Sizing and the European Gas Market System, 08.03.2021, Johannes Thürauf