Talk at ICIAM 2023 in Japan by Michael Schuster

Title: Optimal Boundary Control for the Transport Equation under Uncertainty: A Turnpike Result

10th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 2023)

20 – 25 August 2023, Waseda University, Tokyo (Japan)

Probabilistic Constrained Optimization on Gas Networks – Talk by Michael Schuster at ICSP 2023

Title: Probabilistic Constrained Optimization on Gas Networks

XVI International Conference Stochastic Programming (ICSP 2023)

24 – 28 July 2023, University of California, Davis (CA, USA)


Women in Optimization 2024

Der SFB Transregio 154 unterstützt die Women in Optimization 2024 in Erlangen. Weitere Informationen unter

Poster Presentation at the MCM 2023 by Michael Schuster

Title: An a posteriori Probabilistic Robustness Check for Deterministic Optimal Controls

14th International Conference on Monte Carlo Methods and Applications (MCM 2023)

26 – 30 June 2023, Sorbonne University, Paris


Plenary Talk at SIAM Conference on Optimization (OP23) by Andrea Walther

Title: On the Optimization of Nonsmooth Problem without Generalized Derivatives (

Seattle, 31.05.2023

Webinar by Frauke Liers

Title: (Data-driven) distributional robustness over time: How to ‚learn‘ relevant uncertainties together with robust desicions ?


Robust Optimization Webinar (ROW), 19.05.2023


Semi-annual meeting

Semi-annual meeting of the SFB TRansregio 154 in Berlin from 27-29.03.2023

Talk at TU Ilmenau by Martin Gugat

Titel: Observer Systeme für Gasnetze

Elgersburg Workshop, TU Ilmenau, 15.03.2023