Doctoral Seminar Wiesenthau, 18.03. – 20.03.2019

In March 2019 the doctoral students of the TRR-154 and associated
doctoral students met for our first doctoral seminar. We met in historic Wiesenthau castle, which lies in the beautiful region Fränkische Schweiz, to take part in two intriguing seminars and to work together on our projects. The first seminar we took part in was „Intelligent conversation in English“, by Valierie Hellmann a lecturer and translator formerly at the IFA Erlangen, where we were, inter alia, taught about special modes of behavior in England and the USA. The second seminar was on „Good scientific practice“, by Christian Schmitt-Engel from the graduate center Erlangen, who gave a lecture on scientific integrity. We also had an interesting excursion to Erlangen where we visited the gas and coal power plants run by the ESTW, the local energy supplier. Apart from these activities we had enough time so socialize and to discuss the topics of our projects.

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