Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities is an important task for the TRR154. We aim at an equal representation of women and men at all levels.

Our goal is to increase the proportion of female doctoral researchers, of female PIs, and of female members in all boards of the TRR 154. 

The TRR154 has established a gender team that consists of a female and a male PI from each of the three sites, i.e., six PIs in total. It aims at implementing structures for supporting equal opportunities within the TRR. 

At each of the member sites, equal opportunities offices are at the TRR's disposal that offer different services for its university members.
Furthermore, the TRR154 has financial resources with which it finances equal opportunities measures and provides comprehensive support for its members at all levels of their academic career. 

In order to aim reach an equal representation of women and men, it is important to increase the career chances of young female researchers. As an example, the TRR 154 makes funds available for:

Soft-skill courses

Courses for career and personal development

Management training

Leadership courses


Coaching and mentoring programmes

The TRR also makes funds available for improving the compatibility of work and family life. As an example, this includes:

Family service to foster the compatibility of study, research and family life

Contingents of child care places

Emergency care for children and care-dependent relatives

Babysitting service

Holiday child-care services

Child-care service during university meetings/conferences

Mobile kids boxes that can be used as a parent-child room in the university offices

Office equipment for home-office places

As all TRR members are concerned with equal opportunities, the TRR finances courses and talks for all its members, for example:

Communication courses for all members of the TRR 154 with a specific focus on gender aspects

Talks on gender issues

Christine Bernadi Lectures

The TRR 154 and the department of mathematics of TU Darmstadt organize jointly a series of annual lectures in honor of Christine Bernadi, an inspiring female applied mathematician.

Link: https://www.mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de/fb/aktuelles/christine_bernardi_lectures/christine_bernardi_lectures.de.jsp