Integrated Graduate School

The Integrated Graduate School offers its members a solid scientific education in the research areas of the TRR154 as well as soft-skill courses. Furthermore, it encourages early scientific independence. In addition, scholarships (6–12 months) are offered. 

Through a Young Researchers Network (“Nachwuchsring”) that consists of representatives for each site, doctoral candidates decide about the content of parts of the activities and organize them themselves. Two mentors for each graduate ensure an intensive scientific supervision. 

The Program

The scientific part of the research program includes the following activities:

Summer & Winter Schools

Summer and Winter Schools on different scientific topics 

Talks & Block Courses

Talks and block courses given by guest researchers

Lecture Series

Lecture series specifically designed for the main research areas of the TRR 154

Scientific Work

Scientific independence of our PhD students is a fundamental goal of the TRR 154. We are supporting our students for example in networking, by organizing excursions,  international conferences or research visits abroad. 

Attending international conferences
Research visits abroad


Members of the Integrated Graduate School are:

Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral candidates financed through the TRR 154 or associated with it

Scholarship Holders

Students holding a TRR154 scholarship are members of the integrated graduate school

Post-doctoral Researchers

Post-doctoral researchers working on TRR 154 subprojects have access to the graduate school's support and activities