Talk for the TRR 154

Hydrogen and synthetic energy carriers: New value chains and the future of global energy trade, 13.10.2021, Veronika Grimm

Workshop on Optimization under Uncertainty, Centre de recherches mathématiques – CRM

Mixed- integer variables and PDE constraints – no longer poor cousins in stochastic optimization, Montreal, 27.09.-01.10.2021, Rüdiger Schultz

DMV-OEMG Annual meeting 2021

Singular perturbation of transport problems on pipe networks, 27.09-01.10.2021, Nora Philippi

15th Hirschegg Workshop on Conservation Laws

Robust error analysis of a mixed finite element method for friction dominated, low Mach gas transport, 12.09.-18.09.2021, Hirschegg, Teresa Kunkel

Joint Workshop of GAMM Activity Groups „Dynamics and Control Theory“ and „Optimization with Partial Differential Equations“

The finite-time turnpike phenomenon for optimal control problems, Bayreuth, 02.09.2021, Martin Gugat

Conference on the Numerical Solution of Differential and Differential-Algebraic Equations (NUMDIFF-16)

Convergence Criteria for Co-Simulation of Coupled Network DAEs, 06.09.2021, Halle, Caren Tischendorf (with Jonas Pade)

Optimal control of gas network DAEs, 06.09.2021, Halle, Henning Sauter (with Caren Tischendorf)

Super-Convergent IMEX-Peer Methods with Variable Time Steps, Halle (Saale), 06.09.2021, Jens Lang

GOR Conference 2021

A pricing scheme for convex mixed-integer nonlinear competitive equilibrium problems that minimises side-payments, 31.08. – 03.09.2021, Lukas Hümbs

Potential-Driven Network Flows under Uncertainty”, Bern, 31.08.-03.09.2021, Rüdiger Schultz

On the existence of energy market equilibria with convex and nonconvex players, Read more

22nd Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies

On the existence of energy market equilibria with convex and nonconvex players, 27.08.2021, Julia Grübel