The Transregio-CRC is hosting many activities based on its thematic focus. In the following there are previous and future events listed.

GOR Conference 2021

A pricing scheme for convex mixed-integer nonlinear competitive equilibrium problems that minimises side-payments, 31.08. – 03.09.2021, Lukas Hümbs

Potential-Driven Network Flows under Uncertainty”, Bern, 31.08.-03.09.2021, Rüdiger Schultz

On the existence of energy market equilibria with convex and nonconvex players, 03.09.2021, Julia Grübel

A Risk Averse Formulation for Bilevel Problems under Stochastic Uncertainty, Bern, 02.09.2021, Johanna Burtscheidt

Optimality Conditions in Risk-Neutral Bilevel Stochastic Linear Programming, 02.09.2021, Matthias Claus

Mixed-Integer Robust Optimization: Some Algorithms and Some Applications, 31.08.-03.09.2021, Frauke Liers