Der SFB TRR 154 veranstaltet zahlreiche Aktivitäten rund um seine thematische Schwerpunkte. Nachfolgend gelistet sind bisherige und zukünftige Veranstaltungen.


Almost Sure State Constraints with an Outlook to Stochastic Nash Equilibrium Problems, 01.-05.03.2021, Caroline Geiersbach


Structured Realization of Dynamical Systems: A Mathematical and Computational Challenge, 01.03.2021, Volker Mehrmann


Hierarchical Energy Based Modeling, Simulation and Control of Multi-Physics Systems – A Paradigm Change, 01.03.2021, Volker Mehrmann

Trends in Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation: Theory and Applications

A hierarchy of port-Hamiltonian models for gas networks, 03.03.2021, Riccardo Morandin

Maximal Uncertainty Sets in Robust Optimization, 03.03.2021, Johannes Thürauf

Relative energy estimates, asymptotic stability and structure preserving discretization for isentropic flow in gas networks, 02.-03.03.2021, Nora Philippi

Theory and Applications, Existence of equilibria in energy markets with convex and nonconvex players, 02.03.2021, Julia Grübel

Oberwolfach Workshop: Challenges in Optimization with Complex PDE-Systems

Constrained exact boundary controllability for a system of semilinear hyperbolic PDEs, 20.02.2021, Olivier Huber

Optimality Conditions and Regularization for Convex Stochastic Optimization with Almost Sure State Constraints, 14.-20.02.2021, Caroline Geiersbach

Nonlinear observer design based on minimum energy estimation, 14.-20.02.2021, Tobias Breiten

Sequential Action Control for Stabilization of PDEs, 14.-20.02.2021, Falk Hante

The workshop, 14.02.-20.02.2021, was co-organized by Michael Hintermüller (together with Karl Kunisch, Karl Leugering, Elisabetta Rocca)